Four Fun Post-Winter Break Activities and Tips

After a busy weekend, Mondays can be a struggle. So just imagine how hard the Monday after winter break will be! A prepared teacher will have those first days after holiday break planned. Planbook Plus has put together some ideas for educators for the opening week of 2017!

Students likely did a lot over the break, let them share their experiences and what they learned! Whether it’s through a journal entry, drawing, or story-telling, it’s important to allow your kids to talk about their holiday happenings!

New Year’s Resolutions
In addition to all the gift-giving festivities happening over the break, New Year’s will have come and gone. Have your students write down their New Year’s resolutions. Maybe even let them summarize what they liked, or didn’t like, about the year prior.

Students are sure to have one present they are most proud of. Why not have them show off this gift and present it to the class. They’ll be talking about their presents like crazy anyway, embrace the distraction!

Writing Prompts link
You likely won’t have your students’ full attention for that first Monday back. Let them get back into the groove of things by assigning some of these thought-provoking writing prompts from Rachel Lynette and Minds in Bloom.

Six Tips for Coming Back from Winter Breaklink
Dan Alder presents a realistic look at the return to the classroom. For both teachers and students, it’s difficult to get back into the swing of things, even after only a week off. When school does start up again, deal with the holiday distraction one last time before returning things back to “normal”.