5 Prompts to Ring in the New Year

Teachers and students are just getting back from winter break. Holiday getaways have come and gone and school is back in session. What’s the last thing anyone wants to hear? “Get ready for those writing prompts when you get back!” Ba humbug! Of course, as educators, preparation is at the forefront of everything. Check out these 5 writing prompts ready to go upon the return from break. Modify any prompt for your grade level!

All prompts are applicable to the criterion: Conventions, Style, Focus, Organization, and Content.

  1. Persuasive
    Americans create New Year’s Resolutions year after year. Some keep them, some don’t! Shouldn’t everyone set a New Year’s Resolution? Explain why or why not New Year’s Resolutions should be set. Be sure to support your argument with details!
  2. Narrative
    The holidays are over! Describe what you thought was the best part of your holiday break. Whether it was a great gift, sleeping in, seeing family or another event, discuss the best part of your break. Be sure to include specific details regarding your break and supporting evidence of why this was the best part.
  3. Expository
    Winter time is here! Some people love the snow, others the warmth of a fire and a cup of hot chocolate. Choose one of the three topics below and explain how to do these tasks to the best of your ability: building a snowman, making hot chocolate, skiing, or choose your own teacher-approved winter activity.
  4. Narrative
    Memories are made all the time, but many people specifically remember times during the holidays. What is your greatest holiday memory? Be sure to use adjectives to bring the story to light and sequence your events!
  5. Expository
    Various cultures incorporate traditions into New Years Day. Some people cook sauerkraut, others black eyed peas. Research and then discuss a New Years Day tradition of which you are unfamiliar. Explain the culture, what the tradition is, and the reason behind the tradition.


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