TeacherHUB – Thanksgiving – Family, Food, & Fun in Class

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season! Getting to sit down with relatives for the biggest meal of the year (and having a four-day weekend) has students excited for the fourth Thursday in November. The classroom should stay exciting, too!

Bright Hub Education

Providing over 20 potential Thanksgiving-themed lesson plans, Bright Hub Education has supplied teachers with everything from a K-4 Mayflower activity to an inclusive multicultural lesson plan! Teachers know history isn’t the only subject that can be worked into a Thanksgiving itinerary.

Teacher Vision

As an educator, you may be asking: what materials or resources will I need to put together an effective lesson plan? Teacher Vision has you covered! Included in the link above are a myriad of activities, slide shows, and print-outs for teachers handling Kindergarten to Elementary school students.

Teacher Planet

Perhaps your students would prefer a worksheet, be it a word search or crossword puzzle? Teacher Planet has just what you’re looking for, in addition to having unique lessons and activities. It’s important to make the days leading up to Thanksgiving educational. However throwing in some games is a nice idea too!

National Education Association

Making pilgrim hats and coloring in hand turkeys doesn’t get high school students as enthused as those in lower grades. The above resource from the National Education Association is aware of this and has prepared some activities, like a Black Friday financial plan, that are a bit more thought-provoking.

eGFI (Engineering, Go For It!)

Science and Math are the subjects hardest to make Thanksgiving-relevant. For educators in these fields, eGFI has put together some ideas! A lot of America travel during the holidays. Why not give your students a lesson plan that discusses how all that traffic affects the flow of travel?