Planbook Plus Demo Day: Real Life Application

Planbook Plus continues to give educators the tools to plan for a highly engaged classroom. Planbook Plus is suitable for any subject ranging from Pre K to high-level calculus. Tools of the trade to create a highly engaged classroom range from using humor in the classroom, playing to student interests and applying the lessons learned to real life. Math class poses challenges when it comes to creating a highly engaged classroom. “When will I ever use this?” “How does this apply to me?” Sound familiar? Real life applications to math lessons help put the lesson into perspective for our students.

Take correlation. Correlation for many students is a bunch of dots on a graph. For math-challenged students, it is guessing “yes or no” and “strong or weak.” However, it doesn’t have to be that overwhelming for students. Check out or “demo lesson” on determining human wingspan and height. Feel free to adapt to your needs!


• Students will identify the correlation between wingspan length and height of themselves and classmates
• Students will interpret the correlation between wingspan length and height of themselves and classmates

Set the foundation for success with specific and achievable objectives! Students are going to record their own information (and measure themselves) in order to collect real data.


• String
• Measuring Tape
• Calculators
• Guided Worksheets

String allows for the easiest means of measuring wingspan. As for the guided worksheet – use custom elements to refresh yourself of who needs more detailed worksheets than others. Make full use of the custom options on Planbook Plus!

Student Activities

• Break students into groups
• Provide guided worksheet
• State instructions/expectations
• Collaboration time to collect data
• Collaboration time to create scatter plot and trend line
• Independent time to calculate the lines

A custom element in Planbook Plus was created that listed off the group member names. The class size required three groups. When the lesson plan was printed out, the names were already listed and separated. Remember, a well-planned lesson is an engaging lesson!


• Formative: Teachers will circulate throughout the room, gauging the progress of each group on the worksheets (Are they all in the same place? Is the data complete?)
• Summative: Worksheets are completed accurately. Students will be able to identify whether there is correlation and interpret the strength of the correlation.

Test-Taking Skill

Consider adding an element for test-taking skills. If you can help prepare our students for high-stakes tests, take every opportunity to do so!

Take this demo lesson and make it your own! Remember, Planbook Plus has state standards available, so tying the standards to your objectives should be simple! Planbook Plus also has a new feature, allowing you to make changes to your lesson from the calendar view page!

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