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This Year’s Summer Assignment: Create a Blog!

“Yet another technology tool that I have to use?!” No. This time, the assignment is strictly for you. Well, and the rest of the internet.  Tech ed trends often trail the rest of the world. While Web2.0 died in the business and media sectors, it just started in education. Us teachers are still using facebook, while our students are on “the gram.” And now, here we are with the blog. The main difference? While nobody uses web2.0 anymore, blogs are still alive and kicking. In fact, blogs are the new means of publishing your work into books and internet hot-spots.

This assignment, however, is about YOU. Educators start in August or September for a long, mad dash. You run full speed, and run, and run, and run. There are a few water breaks on your way, but just enough to satisfy your thirst – not to hydrate you. Then the summer comes along, and you get to catch your breath. But just enough to get those running shoes back on and jump back into the mad dash. When do you truly get a chance to reflect? I used to convince myself that I could do it on the ride home. Or maybe a few minutes between my last class and the walk out to coach the softball team. Enter the blog.

This blog allows you to publish your reflections and ideas for reference. Maybe you had an awesome lesson that pushed a student to ask an advanced question. Maybe you had a day that made you question everything you do; but then you realized that you can go back in tomorrow because it’s all about the kids. These thoughts are motivations and reminders for when this occasion happens again. Further, maybe these are thoughts that other educators have. Maybe, educators are looking for a community to share these thoughts, ideas, and resources. You will soon find that you not only post your own thoughts, but you discover new ideas on blogs as well!

In fact, you probably already do. In my own humble opinion, you are getting some great ideas right here! There are others that you may not even realize are blogs. Many websites started off as small ideas and thoughts from one person. Then, they realized there were themes to their thoughts. They continued writing, and now they publish resources on a regular basis. All we are asking is that you start out by sharing your thoughts. For instance, check out this starter blog and the motivation that pushes the reader to think outside the box. Or maybe you are familiar with this blog that shares various resources on a daily basis. This education leader started with a small blog and it exploded into a nationally renowned blog and a keynote speaker. Try it out and share your thoughts with us!

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