Be a MASTER Planner: Create and Append Your Own Template

November 5, 2016Uncategorized Standard


Submit SLOs, draft your annual goal, choose your evaluation cycle, analyze standardized test data, write/read IEPs, individualize instruction, lesson plan…

The laundry list above should sound familiar to any teacher. The only trouble is, the list does not seem to end! How do teachers keep up with all directives while also reaching the students? Often times, the boilerplate templates provided do not necessarily suit the needs of teachers and more importantly – the students. Fortunately, Planbook Plus offers a feature that allows teachers to create their own custom fields and they can be appended to any planbook you wish..

An AP Psychology teacher may require different elements in their lesson plan than a Chorus teacher. A Direct Instruction special education teacher may need different elements than their co-teaching regular education counterparts. Instead of customizing every single element design repeatedly, why not create your own element designs? Special education teachers can even differentiate between their direct instruction class, curriculum labs, and their co-taught classes with the append tool. Plus, you always have the ability to tie the appropriate standards to the plan.

How to Create Your Own Template:


The process is simple. When adding or editing an individual lesson, click “customize element design.” While customizing, choose the pencil to edit, the warning sign to delete elements or you can choose to add your own elements. Once the element design is customized to your needs and student needs, save it to your desired planbook. Simply scroll to the bottom of the screen where it says “Append Design” and choose the planbook to which you plan to save the element design and click “Append.” Want to change only one lesson? Just to go to “customize element design” and you can change only that individual lesson.

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